GSPK Circuits are now supplying Ceramic PCB’s

On top of our comprehensive PCB and IMS capability, GSPK Circuits would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are now supplying Ceramic PCB’s.
With recent advances in the market, Ceramic PCBs have become a more viable option for PCB designers. With the continuing requirements for miniaturisation, microelectronics and high-power LED packages, the need for substrates capable of withstanding high operating temperatures, whilst offering outstanding thermal performance is a must.
Ceramics have been widely used in electronics/electronic components for years due to their thermal and mechanical advantages. With recent advances in technology and manufacturing capabilities, they are now replacing entire PCBs.
Since their introduction, Ceramic PCBs have received enormous attention from the industry as an effective solution to a range of electronic issues. The superior Thermal Conductivity of ceramics being the leading reason that more and more industries are turning to ceramics for their PCB design. GSPK specialises in Alumina Oxide (Al2O3) and Aluminium Nitride (AIN) boards. Direct bond copper (DBC) and direct plated copper (DPC) technologies are used for the circuitry depending on the requirements and/or applications.
Depending on the technology required or the end application, circuits can be printed using either Copper (Cu) or Silver (Ag).
If using a Copper (Cu) track, solder resist/ident/surface finish options are much the same as conventional PCBs. If Silver (Ag) is being used we use a clear/glass solder mask. Gold plating can also be used in certain applications where the silver pads require protection.
As always our service provides the following as a given
*Quality to exacting standards
*Technical assistance
*Competitive pricing
*Priority service
*Lead times to get your product to market quickly To find out more about our Ceramic PCB offering contact your account manager or call our sales team today on 01423 798740 (option 1).