tailored pcb solutions and products

to suit your requirements

Here at GSPK Circuits we are committed to developing specialist PCBs for your individual applications. We pride ourselves that we always react with a “CAN DO” attitude. Every project is given a full review with a design for manufacture process approach. We are aware that your needs will be different from the next and so we deliver tailored solutions and products to suit your requirements.

We manufacture and supply standard capabilities including:

  • Single sided conventional PCBs
  • Through hole plate double sided PCBs
  • Multi-layer PCBs – capability of between 4 and 24
  • Specialist RF PCBs and Microwave PCBs using Rogers PTFE and other specialist laminates
  • Heavy Copper for High Power applications up to 28 ounce copper double sided
  • Two layer Thermal printed circuit boards (IMS) with copper or aluminium base
  • Ceramic PCB’s
  • Stencils
  • Flexi and Flexi-Rigid PCB’s
  • Bespoke assembly solutions including connectors and flying leads
  • A range of extreme heavy copper PCB’s

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GSPK Circuits Ltd. is a market leading, global supplier of Printed Circuit Boards. We focus on Fast-turn PCB’s, Prototyping and Specialist PCB’s. Our team manages your PCB’s and ensures you get a product with the highest quality. Having the ‘Lean Champion’ status, you’re ensured a fast and agile approach to PCB manufacture in one of our world class manufacturing divisions.