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Heavy Copper PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards For High Power

Engineers and designers working with power electronics are benefiting from the growing trend for Heavy and Extreme Heavy Copper PCBs.

Heavy Copper: 5 oz, 175µm, 0.175mm and above

Extreme Heavy Copper: 15 oz, 525µm, 0.525mm and above

These PCBs are becoming increasingly necessary as more industrial applications call for more robust circuitry for high power. At GSPK we manufacture Extreme Heavy Copper PCBs that will take over 1500 Amps.

Heavy Copper and Extreme Heavy Copper PCBs offer benefits such as:

  • Enhanced endurance to thermal stress.
  • Greater current capacity.
  • Increased mechanical strength in PTH holes and at connector locations
  • Utilisation of exotic materials such as high-temperature substrates, without any circuit failures.
  • By placing several copper weights on the same outer layer, the product size was reduced.
  • Using up to 120-oz copper planes, onboard heatsinks are directly plated onto the board surface.
  • On-board high-power-density planar transformers possible.
  • Heavy copper-plated vias help transport heat to an external heatsink and carry a larger current through the board.
Our Heavy Copper design and manufacturing guidelines are only released under strict NDA conditions. Once a mutual NDA is signed, we can provide advice on track and gap spacing, current-carrying details, and best practice standards.
Heavy Copper Planar Transformer
Heavy Copper Planar Transformer
12 layer 6oz per layer 4mm thick heavy copper
Heavy copper planar transformer 12 layer 6oz per layer 4mm thick

A new development at GSPK with Heavy Copper PCBs is we can embedded part of a copper layer within the PCB core. This copper layer is often referred to as an "inner layer" or a "power plane," and it is used to provide power and ground connections for the components on the board.

Part of the copper tracks are hidden within the board, much like the majority of an iceberg is hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Embedded copper PCBs are used in a variety of electronic devices, particularly those that require high-speed or high-frequency signal processing. By providing a dedicated inner layer for power and ground connections, these PCBs can reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and improve signal integrity. They can also help reduce the overall size and weight of a device, since fewer external components are needed to provide power and ground connections.

Embedded copper with different copper weights enables greater packaging opportunities and the ability to have the outer layers on one planar level which greatly aids assembly of components.

Embedded Copped PCBs

Heavy Copper PCBs - Introduction

Type Thickness (mm) Copper Weight (oz)
Standard Copper 0.018 - 0.14 ½ - 4
Heavy Copper 0.175 - 0.525 5 - 15
Extreme Heavy Copper 0.525 - 2.45 15 - 70
Mixed Copper Weights   1 ½ oz and 30 oz on the same layer (Double Sided)
Applications For Heavy Copper  
Bus bars - Lower Copper Weight - Lower Cost Solar Panel Manufactures
Power Controllers High Power Distribution
Inverters Motor Stators
Amplification Systems Planar Transformers
Panel Considerations For Heavy Copper Minimum production is 1 panel
  Gross Net (usable)
Manufacturing Panel Size 457mm x 610mm 417mm x 570mm
Each circuit to have 3mm border for routing    
Heavy Copper Circuits
Heavy Copper PCBs
Extreme Heavy Copper PCBs