Prevention of Counterfeit Parts

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Prevention of Counterfeit Parts/Materials

GSPK only purchase externally provided product direct from the OEM or authorised manufacturer, or from an authorised distributor.

All our suppliers have to be accredited to a minimum ISO 9001 to be accepted as an approved supplier of which the Quality department monitor.

Material suppliers who don’t meet the minimum of ISO 9001, are subject to an initial audit by a GSPK 2nd Party Auditor, can then be re-audited based on performance, or risk as deemed by the Quality Representative/Operations Director.

The raw material GSPK purchase: laminate, inks, chemistry, film, bonding are all purchased direct from the OEM.

All product supplied must have a certificate of conformity (CofC) signed on Company documentation.

CofC must declare conformity to the purchasing requirements/standard's GSPK are purchasing against.

GSPK check the product packaging, labelling, instructions for use (IFU) to determine that they are legitimate and if a suspected counterfeit product is received it is , contact Quality immediately quarantined and investigated by our Quality department.

If a counterfeit item is identified GSPK will not return the product to the supplier as we have an obligation to prevent the product re-entering the supply chain.