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Quick Turn PCBs and Prototyping

Despatched in 48 Hours

As a leading UK PCB manufacturer, we specialise in delivering rapid, Quick Turn PCB prototypes with exceptional speed and precision. Our standard delivery options include:

Prototype Deliveries: We offer an expedited service for PCB prototypes, ensuring delivery within 48 to 72 hours.

Surface Finishes: Choose from a variety of high-quality surface finishes including Lead-Free HASL, Immersion Silver, and ENIG. For other specialized finishes, we provide a reliable 4-day service.

Fast Assured Delivery
Single and Double-Sided PCBs

At GSPK, we are always ready to manufacture, rigorously test and swift despatch your single- and double-sided PCBs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced team ensure that each PCB meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Utilising advanced streamlined processes, we are able to despatch urgently required PCBs, subject to the surface finish required, within 48 hours of receiving the necessary manufacturing data. To guarantee this rapid turnaround, we encourage our clients to submit their data early on the first day, allowing us to immediately commence the production process. Our commitment to efficiency and excellence means you can rely on us for timely and dependable PCB solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Multilayer PCBs

For more complex requirements, we offer multilayer printed circuit boards with a remarkable turnaround time of just 3 days, again subject to surface finish required. Our advanced production capabilities allow us to handle even the most intricate and sophisticated designs with precision and efficiency. With our cutting-edge technology and meticulous quality control processes, we ensure that these multilayer PCBs are manufactured to the highest standards and delivered promptly. This rapid delivery service ensures that our clients can meet tight project deadlines without compromising on quality or performance, providing a reliable solution for all your complex PCB needs.

Custom Materials and Specifications

We understand that some urgent projects necessitate unique materials or specific technical requirements. For these non-standard needs, we encourage you to reach out and enquire about our extensive capabilities. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of various base materials and copper weights, ensuring we can accommodate a wide range of project specifications and delivery schedules. Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you with any specialised requirements, working closely with you to ensure you receive the best possible solution tailored to your application.

Why choose us for quick-turn PCBs?

  • Speed
    Our rapid turnaround times ensure your projects stay on track.
  • Quality
    We use only high-quality materials and finishes to guarantee the performance and reliability of your PCBs.
  • Flexibility
    Our ability to handle both standard and custom requirements means we can cater to a wide range of specifications and project demands.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your Quick Turn PCB needs and experience unparalleled service and quality from a trusted UK PCB manufacturer.