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Flex solution leads to product improvement and cost saving

GSPK Automotive Accreditation IATF16949-2016

Innovative ideas for a Flex solution led to product improvement and cost saving.

GSPK was recently asked by one of our major customers to see if we could help reduce the cost of a current product that included several rigid FR4 boards.

There was little opportunity to reduce the cost of the boards themselves, so we looked at the whole product with their engineering team.

The electronic assembly was housed in a sealed plastic moulding that necessitated the use of hand soldered wiring. Detailed discussions identified that the hand soldering process for the interconnecting wires/cables was a major cost contributor.

Through our DFM (Design for manufacture) process GSPK worked with the customer to develop a single Flexi-Rigid PCB solution of the rigid FR4 boards. This removed any requirement for connectors and the associated hand soldering, reduced weight and created more space within the final sealed plastic moulding. Assembly time was greatly reduced as was the risk of failure from the soldering or connectors.

The new Rigid-Flex solution is giving the customer a far better product and is easily meeting their cost reduction expectations.

This was a great example of GSPK supporting its customer adding value with an innovative solution.

Date : 23-11-2022