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Power Electronics Busbars

GSPK is the leading manufacturer for Heavy Copper PCBs for Power Electronics. It is not uncommon for a customer to ask us to manufacture a 70oz PCB with inner layers to 15oz. We can embed copper so that even with mix copper weights the outer layer will have a smooth planar finish.

A product needing Heavy Copper PCBs will often incorporate Busbars. Rather than using standard copper lengths engineers are turning to GSPK for a PCB solution.

An existing GSPK customer recently approached us as they were seeing unreliable results with their existing busbar design. They were experiencing current and intermittent connection issues resulting in unreliable long-term performance. We assisted in the re-design process and are now manufacturing 808mm long, 64oz busbars with 2.24mm copper tracking for them. The solution was also with a Copper IMS substrate which allowed more current into the unit, more heat dissipation through the busbar and a more robust contact solution through isolated connection points throughout the product.

To enable temperature to be monitored, mixed copper weight on the outer layer was employed to enable a normal copper weight circuit to be incorporated to accommodate a temperature sensing system.

The Team at GSPK would be pleased to discuss how our capabilities can enhance your Power Electronics products whether it be PCBs or busbars.

Power Electronics Busbars

Date : 10-03-2023