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GSPK - Not just a PCB Manufacturer

Driving the electric revolution : 'Supply chains for net zero'

With other consortium partners GSPK has now completed seven quarters or a two-year project to help develop an Enhanced Liquid Immersion Power Supply (ELIPS). The project is funded by Driving the Electric Revolution, an Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

GSPK and its partners are delivering this design-to-manufacture project to build products through a UK supply chain to produce the ELIPS and GaN based technology across Power Electronics Machines and Devices sectors.

ELIPS units enhance power density and performance possibilities. However, historical limitations on performance stemmed from components and manufacturing techniques optimised for conduction or convection cooling. To overcome these challenges, the consortium has taken a proactive approach by designing and manufacturing ELIPS units from the ground up. ELIPS proves to be well-suited not only for the rapidly expanding data centre market but also for circular economy prospects, spanning industries such as automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications.

The PCB specialists at GSPK have successfully collaborated with fellow consortium members to provide distinctive PCB solutions tailored for this high-density, high-power application. This showcases that GSPK not only stands as one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the UK but also leverages its intellectual property and Design for Manufacture expertise to turn customers' aspirations for power electronics into achievable outcomes.

GSPK are pleased to be a key manufacturer in this Driving the Electric Revolution initiative. I am very proud of the team for their efforts in this project. As well as direct involvement in the ELIPS product this opportunity will allow GSPK to cement its position as the leading UK manufacturer for Heavy Copper Power Electronics PCBs.

Steve Lloyd
Managing Director of GSPK

Date : 13-11-2023